Dominant Submissions

We’ve talked about the entire writing process, from pre-writing to post-writing, and every hindrance or sidestep along the way. Now, after I’ve beat around the bush for a semester, I’ve reached a point in editing that I’m now prepared to send my manuscript out for rejection once again.

But not so fast.

One cannot just mail a completed manuscript, wrapped in brown butcher paper and tied up with twine, to Scribner’s or Penguin, and become the next American great. The only way to get published this easy is to pay for the scam of self-publishing, and wave your very own ISBN around like a winning lottery number. No, it is far more difficult.

The publishing process, like the writing process, and like the editing process, is tedious, long, and quite possibly one of the most rewarding parts of a rewarding process.

If you want to get published, buy the book Writers Market in whatever yearly addition matches your financial situation. I usually buy one that’s two or three years old, because it’s more than half as cheap and not a whole lot changes in that time that can’t be figured out online.

From here, just use this, find the applicable literary agents to represent your respective work, and then create a spreadsheet. Here’s mine:

lit agencies

From here, craft a query, make a general one and then get personal for each agency. And then, when you are absolutely ready to publish your novel take that leap. Send out these queries, paying close attention to what each agency wants, and then sit and wait, and wait. It could be weeks or months, but just wait for the rejections, or the constructive criticism, or maybe even the acceptances to come in.

Congratulations, and happy writing.



One thought on “Dominant Submissions”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I particularly like the idea at the link of striving ‘for’ the rejections as opposed to the idea of the rejections being something that is done to the writer, if that makes sense. It just a slight shift in perspective, but I can see its effectiveness.


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