Taking a Leap of Fiction

I did it. Today I submitted nearly fifty simultaneous queries, some with samples, to various literary agents and agencies across the US. I spent hours this past week writing each letter as a draft, crafting each to it’s agent; and this morning from 7AM-10AM I submitted them all. I tried to optimize this process to find the best day and time to submit for the best chance of being seen before landing in a slush pile to be found later, and I came up with Tuesday/Wednesday morning. So that’s when I submitted.

One giant weight has been lifted and not another has taken its place. Now I must wait to hear back from any of these places, either in rejection or acceptance. Only time will tell. Until next time.



A Writers Work is (Almost) Never Done

I lied. I didn’t send out my novel with the last post. I spent the summer working in an office, and working on the novel in my free time. I printed, edited, re-wrote, and edited again. I print so I can edit by hand, and edit on the manuscript itself with red pen. Now, these months later, I feel the most ready I can be to send out the novel. I’ve tirelessly poured over the query, compiled a list of agents and agencies in an excel doc, and edited the manuscript itself ad absurdum.

By the end of the month I will take the time to simultaneously submit the queries and attached manuscript samples to every applicable agency I can find. I’ll keep you all posted.