My name is Thomas Marshall, I am a previously unpublished 21 year old, I attend the University of Southern California, and I hope to start a career in writing with my approximately 65,000 word YA novel, Millennial Fish.

This is the opening line of a query for the novel that I’m trying to get published.

This blog is my attempt to catalogue my experiences editing (and editing, and editing) and trying to sell my debut novel. Full of personal blog posts, as well as samples of my writing, and other work. There are hundreds of books and blogs about the writing process, but this blog takes place after all of that; editing, revising, and querying literary agencies and publishers, all in an attempt to go from writer to author. This blog will be full of personal experiences as I walk through this process with you (the internet), as well as tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

Thank you,